Aroma Coffee Co. exists to cultivate fullness of life. We know it's a big mission, but we mean it and we believe in it. At Aroma we believe all people are deserving of living life to the fullest and we have seen how that can happen when people know they belong, when their needs are being met and when they are building relationships that have a lasting impact. Coffee opens the door to make this possible and serves as a safe, common ground for building community. For 12 years we have waited for this very moment; the time that we can invite you to come alongside us and make it happen. We don't take it lightly, in fact, we believe in this so much that we are choosing to open our doors in the midst of this pandemic. When it feels like an especially vulnerable time, we are more certain than ever that our mission is critical to our community.
We are all in.

Each of our families has contributed as much as we feel able, we are borrowing from friends and family, and we are hopeful the remainder will come from all of you who see the vision and believe in it with us. All gifts that are given, of any amount, are considered a generous act of love to our team and to our community. By participating in this way, you are joining us in our mission and we consider you part of the Aroma family.

We want you to envision with us how your donations are making this possible. By clicking here, you can see the full tour of our space, hear our plans, and know that your contribution will help bring it to life. 

In full transparency, we have a big goal. $35,000 will fill our anticipated funding gap and anything beyond that will allow us to borrow less from our generous lenders and set Aroma up for a bright future! The EXCITING NEWS is that we have a generous Inspiration Fund of $14,000 to launch from! These gifts were made to give you confidence that others believe in investing in this dream and hope to inspire you to join them!

We are deeply grateful to our Inspiration Fund contributors: Ron and Jeni Craswell, Sam and Jackie Jarawan, Johnny and Susan Walker, Larry and Kathy White, Kyle and Mackenzie Winkle. 

As a thank you for making a donation to our dream, you will be invited to our soft launch celebration (which we are carefully planning in light of changing safety regulations) and will be among the first people to experience Aroma Coffee Co. in full swing! You'll receive a personal invite with all the fun details. You will also be entered into a drawing to win an Aroma apparel item of your choosing.


Fees: We have selected a competitive giving platform that offers a transaction fee of 2.99%. If you would like, you can choose to cover the transaction fee, or If you would like to avoid the fee altogether, please email our team to have a check sent to a personal address and we'll be sure to enter it to the total! 


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